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Life is complicated and personal paperwork piles up fast. The thing is: many people wait until an emergency or the end of their lives to get them in order. When my mother ended up in the emergency room, I realized that I didn’t have any of her information. I felt so helpless and unprepared. Given my decades of experience in product development and technology, I knew there had to be a better way. That’s why I created Jazmine, an online organizer that keeps everything safe and accessible no matter where you are or when you need it.

Whether you’re sick of searching for numbers and forms, you want someone to remind you about upcoming expirations or you’re looking ahead and don’t want to leave a jumble behind for your family to sort out when you’re gone – Jazmine squares it all away, simply. It transforms chaos into calm so all that’s left is your love, your legacy and smooth sailing ahead.

Here’s to living life in order,

Organize your Life, Create Peace of Mind

The book by bestselling author Jasmine Alexander

Are you overwhelmed with the information coming into your life? Taking care of the family’s information? You are not alone. We spend a significant amount of time looking for things and fixing items that expired. This book is about getting your paper and data organized as you go through life. When you have your information organized, you know what is missing and how to fix it, you can truly let go and relax. All the to-do’s are done, no more thinking about things that you “should” have done, most times until it’s too late.

Create Peace of Mind by tending to these tasks that you keep putting aside even though you know they need to be taken care of. Whether it’s completing your beneficiary statement for your 401k, setting up guardianship agreements for your children or having the title to your car, you know you have taken care of it and making sure your partner, sibling, parent or child knows where the information is.

This book will help you with proven techniques to get your papers and important information organized. It points you to resources that you can use and education that can help you.

A message to women: If you are counting on your partner/spouse to take care of everything for both of you, please take some time to understand what is and what is not in place. Women live longer than men by an average of 5.6 years in the US. Simply check on it. This book is a short read that can get you started with organizing your papers immediately.

About Jasmine Alexander

Jasmine Alexander is the Founder and CEO of jazmine.com. Her company provides software to organize your family’s information and important documents so you never have to search for them. The software alerts you before an item expires and let’s you share information with trusted family members and advisors. Jasmine was previously Chief Information Officer and Head of Product Development for several Fortune 500 companies. She has worked with and on the Internet for over 20 years, building products in music, radio, data, publishing and e-commerce. Her vast executive and product development experience led her to create this easy-to-use family information software. Jasmine is an avid traveler and sailor. She has sailed in several parts of the world and crossed the International Date Line into Fiji several years ago. She has a degree in Computer Science from New York University and an Masters in Business from UCLA.

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