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You found us because you want to help your clients!  Welcome!

You know that your clients have lots of information.  That all of it needs to be organized.  And, that they are collecting even more as they go through life.  You know that they need a better solution than boxes full of paper.  You know better than anyone else how much your clients need a solution like Jazmine!We want to partner with you to bring them a resource they can rely on year after year to keep their information safe, secure and accessible whenever it’s needed. Add Jazmine to your offering as a package or as an upsell to your services.

Why Become An Affiliate


To Help Your Clients


To Make Money While You Sleep

You’ll enjoy a generous 30% commission on the first year’s subscription, and 10% commission on the following years’ subscriptions.

You’ll have your own unique link that will track your sales.  Put the link in your email signature, on your social media profiles, or insert a badge on your website. Sell it once, and collect a commission for as long as the client stays subscribed.

Your clients will thank you!

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