Is Your Birth Record Private?

Your Birth Record–Is It Private?

Have you ever wondered whether your birth record is a private document? The short answer is…it is complicated!

Generally, only family members are given access to your birth record during your lifetime. However, just about anyone can gain access to it after you have passed away. This means you can relatively easily obtain replacement birth records for your children or your parents for a small fee.

How to Get a Birth Record

In order to get a birth record for yourself or someone in your family, it helps to have as much information as you can—particularly the state or county where they were born and their full name at birth. Other helpful information includes the names of the parents listed on the certificate and the date of birth.

Once you have this information, you should contact the Office of Vital Records in the jurisdiction where the person was born, and follow their directions to gain a copy of the birth record!

Of course, once you have a copy of the birth record in question, don’t forget to upload a copy to

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