Things To Keep In Mind When Creating A Will |

Things To Keep In Mind When Creating A Will

Things To Keep In Mind When Creating A Will

Creating A Will

What assets do you have? Which ones are in your name, which ones are in your spouses? How much are they worth? All these are questions you should be thinking about before you sit down with a lawyer for creating a will. Many Americans don’t know the answers to these questions—or worse yet, think they know, but have an incomplete picture of their assets and liabilities. This is why it is incredibly important to get organized before starting your end-of-life planning process.

What does getting organized look like?

You can start off by making a list of all the debts you have. This can include:

  • credit cards
  • mortgages
  • loans, including student, auto, and home
  • outstanding medical bills

Follow that up with a list of your assets:

  • bank accounts and investments
  • 401ks, life insurances, and other
  • homes owned outright
  • cars (and other forms of transport, such as boats or motorcycles)
  • collections or individual items with high monetary value, such as a stamp collection or a work of art
  • family heirlooms and other emotionally valuable pieces

Save Your Lists

As you go, make it easy to search and reference this material by uploading it to your Jazmine account. You can include deeds, receipts, or invoices, tagging each with whether it is a liability or an asset, rough monetary value, etc.

This will make it easy to sit down with the lawyer and show them everything you have in one place.

Coming to a lawyer to write a will with a full, prepared list of assets will ultimately save you money, and give you—and your loved ones—peace of mind in a stressful time.

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