Your Driver’s License – The Ubiquitous Document you can’t live without (in the US)

Your Driver’s License: The Document You Can’t Live Without

Driver’s License expires

Do you know when your Driver’s License expires?

You probably hand your driver’s license to people all the time and never actually look at it. Between getting carded at a bar, making a credit card purchase, or going through airport security, you may be going through these motions several times a month!

Most of us don’t really think about our licenses until we get a note from our state letting us know it’s time to renew it! If you live in a state that sends you notices, consider yourself lucky.

There is more to a DL than being able to get through the TSA checkpoint.

It can be hard to keep track of important dates, like when to renew your license, but driving with an expired license may cost you! Laws vary state-by-state, but in most states, after a certain grace period, you will get an additional fine for driving with an expired license!

This can also be true if you’ve moved from one state to another recently—again, rules vary state-by-state, but you have a narrow window of time after establishing residency to get a new driver’s license that matches the state. After about a year, you may have to re-take your driver’s test in your new state to get a license!

Even though going to the DMV can be a pain, it is still important to make sure you have a valid license.

Do it right now  – Productivity Enhancer:

Pull out your DL.  Check the expiration date. If it expires in the next 12 months, make a note in your calendar at 60 days before expiration.

Pull out your spouse’s DL, and do the same thing.

If you’ve moved to a different state in the last year, and still have your old license, check the state’s requirements and follow them!  Most states give you 6 months or less to get a new one.

Congratulations!  Give yourself a high-five for taking care of this important item in advance.

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