Financial Planning Help: Organization for the Present and the Future

Financial Planning: preparation and organization is key

Financial planning

Prepare to Prepare

As you get older and your family grows, it’s important to establish financial security for your loved ones in the years to come. The earlier you begin preparations, the less painful the process will be for everyone involved. Unfortunately, realizing that you need to plan your family’s financial future is the easy part: it’s the details that come after that realization that may leave you stressed and in need of direction.

Estate planning is one of the best ways you can ensure there’s a plan for your family to follow after you’ve passed away. However, it requires you to have a good grasp on all your finances—even instruments, like a life insurance policy, that you don’t think about on a regular basis. Typically, when you walk into an attorney’s office to start the estate planning process, you’ll be handed a lengthy intake form that will require you to write down your assets—including bank accounts, retirement plans, securities, and life insurance policies—liabilities—such as outstanding student loans and mortgages— as well as the individuals you would like to include in your will. If just reading that short list sparked a slight feeling of panic, you are not alone. The key to making planning for the future as easy as possible is to collect and organize all your information in advance. Once you put the work into gathering all the information you need, you’ll need a secure place to store it. Jazmine is a tool to do just that.

Use Jazmine to Get Organized was created as a personal organizer that covers every aspect of your life. It helps individuals and families manage their personal information, while keeping it secure.  Family financial planning is complicated enough, and while advisors and attorneys will guide you through the process, you are ultimately responsible for providing the information and storing or passing along the plan to those who need it. Using a personal organizer will help you paint the full picture of your finances to insurance brokers, wealth advisors, and other professionals you are bound to meet on your financial planning journey. Jazmine is here to make the busy work, well, less busy.

Jazmine offers financial planning help by organizing and storing information stress-free:

  • Separate Information Categories: Upload your documents regarding Personal info, Finances, Health, Legal, Real Estate, Vehicles, and more. If you need it covered, Jazmine has you covered. You can choose to enter everything at once, or go at your own pace.
  • Information at Your Fingertips: Jazmine stores all your documents and information online, making it accessible from any place with an Internet connection. You can easily make changes, delete, or update information. The service also allows you to grant family members or trusted advisors access to your account.
  • Top Notch Security: Reading the words “stores all your documents and information online” probably made you a little uneasy, but rest assured that personal information is safe. We use the same top-level security measures as banks, including encryption of every single information field. We also hire third-party security services to be on guard for Internet thieves.

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