Jazmine: how it works

Simple Sign-Up

Whereas other online organization sites opt for long, complex forms, we go for a streamlined sign-up. 5 minutes is all it takes, and you don’t have to start uploading any of your info until you’re ready.

Pick Your Pace

You can choose to enter everything at once, take things at your own speed or sign up for our free 12-week Easy Entry Series. You’ll receive a helpful weekly email with tips about uploading info for each individual category, like vehicles or insurance.

Fill In The Blanks

Here’s where the effort comes in. You collect all the information you want to store in Jazmine—that’s the hard part—and enter it using our one-click upload tools. Once it’s in, your numbers and documents stay nice and tidy for life.

Maintain Or Make Changes

With Jazmine, it’s easy to make changes to your information, add new items, update or delete old ones and even create your own custom categories.


Once everything is entered, you can rest assured knowing that your information is easy to access and share with trusted loved ones in a completely secure online environment.

“I was so sick of hunting for my insurance papers to see when our insurances expired. Jazmine keeps it all straight, and using it is a cinch. I just sign on and everything’s right where it should be.”

– Heather R. Member since 2016

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