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Organize Your Life: The Jazmine Method

Oftentimes, the amount of papers and documents we generate just by moving through the world can be overwhelming. A simple doctor’s visit leaves you with three handouts, a bill, and a new prescription. Taking your car in to be serviced means another bill, and a date to jot down in your calendar. All this without even going to the huge paper generators that are life changes. A new job means a new W-2, another 401k to roll over, new health and life insurances. For many people, this information just gets thrown into a filing cabinet, in any order. Usually this is fine, but eventually, you find yourself frantically rifling through disorganized papers, looking for just that one document in the case of an emergency. Luckily, the Jazmine Method is here to help.

Using the Jazmine method and a few weeks this summer, you’ll be able to get your little cabinet of horrors set up into a digital and physical system that has you well on your way to success. More importantly, will give you a reliable system you can adhere to to file away any future doctor’s slips.

The Jazmine Categories

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing articles meant to help you along your organizational journey–each of which will be themed around one of the Jazmine categories. In her ebook, Organize Your Life, Create Peace of Mind, Jasmine Alexander, Founder and CEO of, has come up with Twelve Categories within which most of your paperwork will fall. These are the following:

  1.  Personal Information wallet items as well as critical identifying documents like Social Security cards and passports.
  2. Legal Documents including birth and marriage certificates, contracts, and divorce or custody agreements.
  3. Health (subdivided into: Medical, Dental, Vision, Other) any paperwork or medical records, as well as contact information and prescriptions.
  4. Finances Bank statements and information, 401ks, investments, taxes, and contacts for entities or individuals who help you manage your money.
  5. Insurance Health, life, home, auto, etc.
  6. Real Estate (home) deeds and titles, maintenance information, and contacts.
  7. Vehicles deeds and titles, maintenance records, etc.
  8. Pets A lot of this is medical records as well, but it’s probably important to keep Fido’s Xanax prescription record separate from your own!
  9. Collections Any paperwork you have for family heirlooms, important objects from a collection, etc.
  10. Storage If you’ve got a storage unit, safety deposit box, etc., this is where you would put those papers.
  11. Digital Social media accounts, logins, etc.
  12. Miscellaneous or Custom Whatever else you need to keep to make sure your life is running smoothly!

By segmenting the process of organizing into these separate categories, you will be able to break it up into manageable chunks and ensure that the project gets done!

This Week’s Jazmine Method Homework

  1. Gather all the important papers from all around your house, and then divide them, as best you are able, into your 12 piles.
  2. Set up for success: set aside time each week to work on this! In addition, you should probably get a shredder (or access to one), folders and a filing cabinet, and a scanner or smartphone app.
  3. Sign up for a account. This way,  you can upload all your digitized papers to one secure and easily accessible online account!

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