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What Kind Of Medical Records Do You Need To Track?

What Kind Of Medical Records Do You Need To Track?

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Caregiving for a family member can often feel like a full-time job, especially keeping track of the thousand small details that can go into their care. Managing medical records alone is often an insurmountable-feeling task. So: what kind of medical data do you need to be keeping track of? What is the best way to do it?

Medical Records #1: Doctor’s Information

Caregiving often means keeping track of a revolving team of doctors and other healthcare professionals. Keeping track of which doctors are at what hospitals, or have what specialties, can feel like it goes beyond a simple address book. Jazmine can help you save contact cards for each of the doctors on your loved one’s team.

Medical Records #2: Appointments

Being a caregiver for someone with a medical condition means not only going to the doctor whenever new symptoms present but also keeping track of regular appointments as they come up. Think of, for example, the annual physical, the cardiologist visit every few months. Jazmine allows you to create a full calendar of recurring doctor’s visits and will email you reminders when one is coming up. You can create full profiles not only for your loved one, but for yourself, and other family members as well.

You can also use this feature to schedule prescription refills and any number of other recurring tasks.

Medical Records #3: Miscellaneous Post-Appointment Medical Data

Many doctors will now give you a full summary print-out after every appointment. Of course, the result of this is reams of paper, all of which are important. What if you could have it all sorted by date and time, or by a specialist, and digitally accessible? Jazmine allows you to upload key documents, and access them easily via the cloud.

Medical Records #4: Powers of Attorney and Living Wills

Hopefully, if you’re in a long-term care arrangement with a loved one, you’ve already discussed powers of attorney, and their final wishes. (If you haven’t here’s a handy guide for what they are, and how to talk about them!). Having that document close at hand can be critical in moments of emergency. Jazmine allows you to store it on the cloud, and access it at will–wherever you are.

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