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How to Replace Your Damaged or Missing Social Security Card

Sometimes, the unexpected happens, and you’ve lost all your documents. Anything from a leaky pipe to a house fire can spell disaster! One of the most important documents you need to replace is your social security card.

In order to replace the card, you should visit your local social security office, with the as much of the following paperwork as possible, and at least one piece of paperwork from each of the sections:

    Documents to Prove Identity

      Valid driver’s license or non-driving state I.D. card
      Your passport
      Some combination of the following: An employee or student I.D. (ideally including a photograph), a non-Medicare health insurance card, a military I.D. card.

    Documents to Prove Your Age

      Your birth certificate
      A religious record of birth
      Your passport

    Documents to Prove Your Citizenship/Right to Work
    Your U.S. Passport
    Your birth certificate, showing birth within the United States
    An immigration/work authorization form, such as your I-94, I-776 or I-551.

Depending on your situation, you’ll use all or some of those documents, but the most important thing is to come well-prepared. Be sure to read the rest of our articles for a full list on how to recover all your missing documents.

And of course, as you continue to replace your missing documents, be sure to upload them into Jazmineas you go—that way, you can rest assured that a copy is in the cloud.

While most places won’t count a scanned digital copy of your social security card as an official version, it can certainly help to keep all your information in one secure place.

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