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How to Replace Your Birth Certificate

Sometimes, the unexpected happens, and you’ve lost all your documents. Anything from a leaky pipe to a house fire can spell disaster! One of the first documents you should try to replace is your birth certificate.

This is because a birth certificate is needed to get many other kinds of documents, such as a driver’s license, or a passport both require a birth certificate as proof of identity.

In order to get a replacement birth certificate, you should contact the local Vital Records Office (or the the Vital Statistics Office) in the county where you were born. Their website should give directions on how to get a replacement certificate.

Some states will allow you to get your birth certificate without an I.D. Instead, they will accept a sworn statement of identity, which you can fill out and have witnessed by a notary public. They may also accept a notarized letter from one of the parents listed on your birth certificate.

If none of these are available, however, you should check into the requirements to get a driver’s license in your state. You may not need your birth certificate, and should get that document first!

And of course, as you continue to replace your missing documents, be sure to upload them into Jazmineas you go—that way, you can rest assured that a copy is in the cloud.

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