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Replacing Your Documents: How to Replace Your Lost Car Title?

Replacing Your Documents: How to Replace Your Lost Car Title?

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So you already know that having a copy of your auto title is a critical part of proving that your car is actually your own. We’ve also covered how to recover your vital documents in the case of a disaster. What happens if you lose or accidentally destroy your auto title? Also, how do you replace/recover your lost car title?


You may not need your auto title right away, but when you go to sell your car, you’ll need to have it handy. So, what do you do if you realize you’ve accidentally sent your car’s title to the shredder?

How to recover your lost car title

  1. Check your local DMV page. Usually, you’ll need to plug “[your state] + auto title replacement” into a search engine. Be sure you’re pulling up your state’s actual DMV page: the URL should have “.gov” in it. There are a few unreliable websites that spoof real DMV pages and can give incorrect information.
  2. Print and fill out the required forms. Some states also give you the opportunity to change information on your lost car title as you’re requesting a duplicate.
  3. Pay the fee. There’s usually a small fee associated with getting a duplicate title. (Less than $20!). You can also opt to pay a rush fee if you’ve found that you’ll need the paperwork faster than the processing time indicated.
  4. Gather the necessary paperwork. Your state may ask you to bring along additional forms of identification or proof of purchase. Be sure to gather those up and make copies before the next step.
  5. Submit the forms. The website should specify whether you need to turn in the forms in person or can mail. (New York state will even allow you to do this transaction online!) Organize all your documents, and send it off or head to the DMV.
  6. Wait. You should receive a replacement title in the mail in a matter of weeks!

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