Jazmine: security

Under Virtual Lock and Key

We know what you’re thinking. “Putting all of my personal information online? Isn’t that kind of risky?” And the answer is: not with Jazmine. In fact, high-level online security is our specialty.

Just Like Your Bank Uses

We use the same top-level security measures as banks, including the encryption of every single information field. Even your name.  That means you can do away with your online security fears and focus on what’s really important—your life, organized.

Always On the Lookout

Our team works around the clock to protect your information from uninvited eyes and safeguard any communications from online eavesdroppers. We also hire reputable third-party security services to regularly prowl and verify the strength of our code.

How You Can Help

Jazmine will never ask for your personal password, but we do ask that you make it a good one. We suggest making your password at least 8 characters long with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and at least one symbol. A strong password will not include your name, username or any full words that relate to you, your family or something someone could guess (pets’ names, hometown, etc.).

Still want more details? Send your questions to info@jazmine.com.

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