How are you sharing medical records? |

How are You Sharing Medical Records? | Caregiving

How are You Sharing Medical Records?

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As a caregiver, you have a million things to stay on top of—doctor’s appointments, bills, schedules other than your own. You are probably also in near-constant communication with multiple people, and may even be sharing care-giving responsibilities . Even in the “Information Age,” it turns out that sharing medical records can be a challenge!

So—how do you ensure that everyone who cares about your loved one is kept in the loop? What about ensuring that everyone who cares for your loved one has all the data they need?  Most importantly, what about your own sanity? These tips and tricks will help you share your data easily.

Communication is Important

While it may seem evident that sharing information between caregivers is critical, other kinds of communication can be important as well. Sharing news and updates with extended family and loved ones can help you and your loved one feel less isolated. It can also help folks who care greatly about you a channel for reliable updates, without feeling like they are intruding.

Communication can also go both ways. If someone in your extended social group has dealt with similar issues, they can recommend solutions.

Start an Email Chain or Group Text

medical records

This is a good solution for everyone who wants to stay up-to-date on your loved one’s condition: your siblings, your loved one’s friends, people in a prayer or other community group. You can use this to post quick updates on your loved one’s health. You can also ask for support and advice, or allow folks to give you emotional support in a way that they know won’t be overwhelming.

Someone else can also manage updates and be your designated “news spreader,” if this seems overwhelming.

Use To Share Medical Records

If you share caregiving responsibilities, it is important to make sure that you are current with your loved one’s treatments. Using a cloud-based service like can mean instantaneous sharing of any and all medical data. You can use it to send along prescriptions, care instructions, and test results. Along with a scanner app on your phone, you can instantly share any and all documents needed, and access them wherever. You can also tag these documents, to allow you to find and sort things easily by specialty or type.

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