Social Media and Death: What Happens to My Social Media After I Die?

What Happens to My Social Media After I Die?

Social Media and Death: What Happens to My Social Media After I Die?


social media and death


In today’s world, many of our most precious memories have a second home on social media: the video of your toddler your parent posted, photographs with friends at the beach, your whole family at your sister’s wedding. What happens to these memories on social media when the person who posted them passes away? What happens to all your tweets, Instagram posts, or Facebook memories when you’re no longer around? How can you ensure your memories are well taken care of, in accordance with your wishes?

The Internet is Forever

You may have heard this time and time again: nothing ever really goes away on the internet. This is also true of your social media accounts when you pass away. In many cases, they will remain online, without changing. The social network you posted on may fall out of favor, or family members and friends may visit it occasionally to revisit your memory. However, you may be uncomfortable with this idea, or you may prefer another option.

Here are your other options for your social media accounts.

Account Memorialization & Deletion

Only Facebook and Instagram have a special account category for people who have passed away. Facebook “Memorial accounts” look almost the same as any other account, but they will not show up in “People You May Know,” and are only accessible to those who were “friends” with the account at the time of memorialization. It will keep up all photos and other memories, and friends and loved ones can post on the accounts wall.

On the other hand, you cannot interact with memorialized Instagram accounts. No new likes, comments or followers will be allowed, but all the photos and videos shared will remain.

To memorialize an account, a family member should visit this page for Facebook and this page for Instagram and fill out the appropriate details.

In order to delete an account, whether Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, someone associated with the estate will have to provide a death certificate (something you may also have to do for memorialization.) You may find yourself emailing back and forth with representatives from various companies to fix the issue.

social media and death

An Easier Way to Manage Social Media

By leaving your account passwords on and allowing loved ones to access the page after your death, you can leave specific instructions. For example, you can ask your family to download an archive of your social media accounts before deleting them. You can also ask them to post a final message.

Giving your family access to your social media accounts through Jazmine can ensure your wishes are followed.


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