Patient Prescription History Report: What Is It And How To Get Access To Yours

Patient Prescription History Report: What Is It And How To Get Access To Yours


Patient Prescription History Report: What Is It And How To Get Access To Yours

patient prescription history report

You may not know that your pharmacy will keep a running list of all the medications you are prescribed. You also may not know that you can request a copy of this list(commonly referred to as- patient prescription history report or prescription report) whenever you need it. So why would you need a copy of your own list of medications? Shouldn’t you already know what you’re taking and when?

Here are some unexpected reasons that having a patient prescription history report can be helpful –

Taking Control of Your Health

Knowing what medications you or your family are taking on a regular basis is an important first step in being in control of your health. Having a printed prescription report can help you avoid errors when talking to your doctor. You can also use the report to track big patterns in symptoms or side effects and take this information to your doctor if you need it.

Tax Deductions

Did you know you may be able to deduct the cost of your prescription drugs from your taxes? Depending on your age and income level, you can deduct any medical cost over 10% of your Adjusted Gross Income—including prescriptions. While this doesn’t make paying pricey costs for medicine any easier, it does soften the blow a little bit.

Your patient prescription history report will include how much you’ve paid over the course of the year on medications. It can be an easy way to determine whether you’re able to deduct, and how much.

Know When to Schedule Refills

Having your prescription report can help you see ahead of time when you need to order a refill, or request a renewal. You can use your patient prescription history report to plan ahead for the coming year. You can also auto-schedule reminders on, to plan ahead for refills.

patient prescription history report

How Do I Get My Patient Prescription History Report?

If you go to one of the big national chain pharmacies, you can usually find a page to do this online by googling “[Pharmacy name]+prescription report.” You will probably have to log in, using the online account and password you use to refill prescriptions online. From there, you’ll be able to download a PDF copy of your prescription report.

If you go to a local pharmacy, consider giving your pharmacist a call, and see if you can pick up the report the next time you go in for a refill!

And of course, once you have your report, upload it to for safekeeping.

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