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Everything You Need to Drive: Vehicle Title and Insurance

Everything You Need to Drive: Vehicle Title and Insurance

vehicle title

You probably already know that your driver’s license is an absolutely critical piece of plastic. But what about all the other stuff you need to hand over when (yikes!) you get pulled over? Your vehicle title, or proof of car insurance? Here’s what you need to know to be a savvy car owner.

Vehicle Title

Much like real estate title, vehicles also have titles as proof for what individual or entity owns them. If you’re leasing the car, the dealership will hold the title, but if you own the car, you should have your name on the vehicle title. You may also drive a company car–where your place of employment is on the title.

If you want to sell your car, or buy from somewhere other than a dealership, you should be sure that you file for a title transfer at your state DMV. To do so, google “[your state name]+ title transfer”, and follow the instructions at the link for your state Motor Vehicle office.

Car Insurance

Car insurance is a critical part of being safe on the road. Regardless of how good or careful a driver you are, your insurance, and that of the people around you, can help you to stay safe.

Your car insurance can cover:

  • Property, for example, if your car gets damaged or stolen
  • Liability, if a property is damaged in an accident where you’re found to be at fault
  • Medical, including bills, rehab, and lost wages.

vehicle title

Insurance, while it can seem like a huge headache in and of itself, can deal with even bigger headaches on your behalf. This can include lawsuits and drawn-out debates over culpability and liability.

Not only is having insurance a requirement in many states, but your insurance can also cover you while driving other cars, other drivers while in your car, and all members of your household that might regularly drive your car.

Understanding both your car insurance and your vehicle title are important steps to getting on the road safely. And as always, remember to store all key information about your car securely, and back it up online at Jazmine.com


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