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Who has Access to My Safe Deposit Box?

Considering getting a safe deposit box for valuables and papers? Safe deposit boxes can be a good way to store valuable objects, and certain papers or copies, particularly i the event that they ma get damaged at your home.

However, an important consideration when you’re getting a safe deposit box is: who has access to it? The short answer is: whoever you decide!

The best way to ensure someone can access your safe in an emergency, or if you’re not able to, is to co-rent the safe with someone you trust. That means that both of you have keys, and are able to access the box without explicit permission from the other.

Most banks will also have a procedure to give someone access—if you already have a safe deposit box, and would like to give someone else access, you should contact your bank officer. They will outline the paperwork, and will tell you what procedure your partner should take to use the safe deposit box.

A quick note—you should never store anything in your safe deposit box that you might need in an emergency. Papers you should not keep include powers of attorney, or even the only copy of you will. It may come in handy to instead use the box for duplicates of deeds, birth certificates, and the documents outlined above. That way, if something happens to the originals you keep within easy reach, the papers will be salvageable for yourself and others.

Of course, another way to keep your documents safe is to upload them to Jazmine! While digital copies rarely count in official settings, it can be a good way to make sure a document like a medical power of attorney is close at hand in an emergency.

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