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Why Planning Ahead for a Disaster is Important

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Emergencies happen in many ways. It may be a glorious day to start with and then something happens to a family member – an accident perhaps, or the house caught on fire or it may be a natural event like a hurricane or tornado that you had some warning about.

I hope nothing takes you by surprise!   But, life inevitably happens. Being prepared will go a long way to avoid stress and help you keep your wits about you! You may even be required to step up and help your family through it.

Last thing you want to do when disaster strikes is figure things out for the first time! Research shows that people make their worst decisions when stressed out and fighting for survival. Having run through a drill even once will make you better prepared. This is why the Fire Department conducts drills in your office building and you can do the same in your house! The fire department may even come to your house to help you find exit options, help you with the best places to place alarms and fire extinguishers.

Now that you know where the fire extinguisher or the flashlight is or how to turn off the water main, you don’t need to make decisions or scramble at the last minute. You just know what to do because you have already figured it out! You practiced with your family. Yes, indeed, you practiced, right?

Being prepared is the only way to go, especially, if you live in a disaster zone. Whether it’s a flood, flash flood, mudslide, fire, earthquake, tornado, hurricane or something else, the better your chances of survival and rescue are, when you have created a plan for you and your family!

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Jasmine Alexander has a B.S. in Computer Science from New York University and an M.B.A. from UCLA Anderson School of Management and is the Founder and CEO of www.jazmine.com, an online organizer that safely stores personal records, account numbers, ownership documents and everything in between. 

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